Not your mamma's carpet

Not your mamma's carpet!

Concerning Carpet, one of our favorite is the Dream Weaver brand.

Dream Weaver Brand Carpet is famous for its PureColor® fiber technology, designed to resist fading and keep your carpeting looking fresh and new for longer than most major competitors. What makes PureColor® technology so special? One look at its many benefits tells the story. The color won’t fade, wear off or “bleach out” from cleaning.

It resists some of the toughest stains around such as ketchup, red wine, coffee, grape juice and chocolate. It’s production is about as “green” as it gets — using 30% less energy, 87% less water and emitting 42% less greenhouse gases! Its “soil and stain shield” technology protects the carpet fiber, making it easier to vacuum up soil and to clean.

It’s got one of the best warranties in the industry with up to 25 years limited protection covering soil resistance, abrasive wear, texture retention and manufacturer’s defects PLUS a limited lifetime warranty against ordinary household stains, fading AND pet stains on certain types of carpets! Dream Weaver comes in a variety of neutral and flecked colors and is available in polyester or nylon. Both are soft, and luxurious-feeling and both feature Dream Weaver’s exclusive PureColor® technology.