Teasley Tile Project

Homeowners LOVE Tile

National Tile Day is coming up later this month and homeowners LOVE Tile! However, many assume tile is not affordable and has limited design options. So this month we wanted to disspell this myth! Tile has become not only more affordable but the designs and features available in the marketplace for flooring or wall projects has expanded exponentially with technology.

  • Ceramic tile is one of the top choices for the bathroom and kicthen floor. It's impervious to moisture, stands up to stains and won't absorb bacteria or odors. It's a great choice for a bathroom that gets a lot of traffic. Ceramic tile comes in a wide range of colors and designs for a sleek, luxurious look. Tile sizes range from tiny mosaic to large format and come in just about any shape imaginable. Choose from almost any installation pattern, and incorporate trim pieces, borders, and inlays to accentuate decorative elements. Mix and match colors and sizes for visual interest, or repeat the same styles on walls, countertop, or shower for a cohesive look.

    When choosing tiles, consider how wet your the rooms floor gets. Moisture-prone bathrooms require tiles that are impervious to water and safe to stand on in bare feet. Shiny, glazed tiles add glamour to walls and countertops but they can be slippery. They might be best for a guest bathroom that doesn't have a shower or tub. Tiles with a matte or textured finish provide traction and are safer for wet feet. They're a better choice for a bathroom used by children or the elderly.

    Manufacturers are introducing tile options that incorporate recycled materials, if a more eco-friendly product option is important for you. For the ultimate indulgence, install radiant in-floor heat to warm up bare feet. You can also get grout that has enhanced moisture resistance and antimicrobial properties.

  • BEC Flooring is proud of their experienced and skilled tile team. Check out our portfolio to see how just how good their work is.