Dreamweaver Carpet

Why is Dreamweaver Carpet SO Good?

Affordable Quality at just $1.49 sq.ft. makes Dreamweaver Carpet the perfect flooring solution! But what specifically makes it that good and why do we keep it in stock?

  • At BEC Flooring we do not do things halfway and neither did the founder of Dreamweaver Carpet, Bob Shaw! When he set out to reimagine the carpet industry, he did so with the intent of creating the best possible product. A timeless flooring option, people love carpet and it will always have a place in homes across the USA. Bob’s single focus was to provide the highest quality carpet possible at a great value.

    DreamWeaver specializes in making high-quality carpet, they focus all their energy and knowledge on producing exceptional flooring. Classified as, “Carpet for Life,” if well maintained, a DreamWeaver carpet can last a lifetime. It’s PureColor and PureSoft carpet technology, which goes through the entirety of the fibers, prevents fading, wear damage, or bleach out from cleaning or sunlight. Its SoilSheild protection can resist the toughest household stains and pet stains; and also, makes for easy clean-up and vacuuming.

    Environmentally friendly, this “green” flooring solution is manufactured using less waste than other carpet manufacturers, and has one of the best warranties in the carpeting industry: 25 years limited protection against, defects, abrasive wear, and texture retention! Limited lifetime warranty for typical household stains, fading, and pet stains.

    DreamWeaver carpet prices are low and affordable, making it economically attainable for every household installation. This affordable quality flooring solution is available in several colors and always in stock at BEC for $1.49 sq.ft. It’s the perfect solution for realtors. builders and contractors looking for a quick install!